The industry's cold winter under the epidemic How should flooring and customized enterprises face?

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Due to the impact of the epidemic, most of the floor and furniture industry practitioners are still waiting for work at home, and floor and furniture companies are also under great pressure. On the one hand, factories are shut down and shopping malls are closed, but site rents, bank loans, and employee salaries are not small expenditures. On the other hand, the economic downturn after resumption of work and the upset market environment are also predictable.

With the prevalence of light luxury in 19 years, flooring and furniture companies have already been under tremendous pressure, and the winter of the industry following the impact of the epidemic will undoubtedly put a heavy brick on the shoulders of flooring and furniture companies.

How to treat the future situation of whole wood furniture?

In the past few years, flooring and furniture companies have actually struggled to survive, but why have so many peers not given up and are still in this industry? Because we see that the whole wood industry still has value and room for development.


Short-term cautious, long-term optimistic

China is a country with a large population. The concept of family is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The home cannot be separated from the decoration of furniture. Moreover, under the influence of traditional Chinese aesthetics and feelings, Chinese people especially favor wooden furniture. Therefore, the floor and furniture industry has a huge capacity and a huge market space. .

The market demand and the design and technology of furniture production are full of changes. There is great uncertainty about whether the supply and the demand match or not. This uncertainty brings changes to competition. Under the fluctuation of the form of competition, each enterprise All have a chance to be a winner.

Therefore, the future development prospects of flooring and furniture companies are clear, and we must look at the long-term development situation with an optimistic attitude. However, the current setbacks cannot be ignored. During the difficult period, we should take a cautious attitude to rectify the existing problems of the enterprise and improve its competitiveness and anti-risk ability.

Change is the norm

The biggest impact on the whole wood industry in the past two years has come from the prevalence of light luxury. This trend has come too fast and too fiercely, and most of the whole wood people are actually not ready. Compared with panel furniture, the whole wood industry follows more historical inheritance. We have spent a lot of attention on the complicated craftsmanship of winding, carving, and Roman columns. We are committed to making traditional things classic and responding to market changes. Relatively lagging behind. But we must be clear that change is a normal state, and future changes must be diverse.

The development of things always advances in waves and spirals. Take the development of apparel fabrics as an example. From the popular old-fashioned cotton and linen fabrics for comfort at the beginning, to the chemical fiber fabrics with fashion as the selling point, to the present new cotton and linen fabrics, new comfortable chemical fibers, and new blended fabrics "flowers bloom". .

The development of things will inevitably move towards diversification, and the development of the furniture industry is no exception. The popular minimalist luxury is only one of the styles, and the cold and quiet luxury will also change, and will gradually tilt towards the concept of warm and comfortable "home". The future will certainly be a variety of new styles. The whole wooden people must accept changes in their concepts and actively embrace changes. When formulating a development route, they will have a broader mind and will not be restricted by styles to comprehensively think.

Although the future of the whole wood industry has a bright future, it cannot overcome the current difficulties safely. What future can be discussed? In the face of the current cold winter in the industry, the troubles in the past business operations may be the last straw to crush the business. Only by examining oneself, finding out all the problems and solving them, can we develop in the long term.

The basic problems that plague the whole wooden man

There are many uncertainties in the whole wood industry. We don’t know what will happen to the market next year, what will happen to the style, we don’t know what errors will occur in the order, we don’t know whether we can deliver on time, we don’t know how to deliver Will there be errors after the goods are shipped, how many errors are there, etc., these uncertainties limit the development of the whole wood enterprise.

The first thing the whole wooden person must consider is the delivery cycle. The delivery cycle is not satisfied, and all the efforts of housing measurement, design, production, and installation have fallen short. They have not received praise from customers, and even the final payment is difficult to settle. Moreover, the production of the whole wood industry has obvious seasonal characteristics. It is idle in the first half of the year, busy in the second half, and busy at the end of the year, which also has a great impact on the delivery cycle.

The error rate is also a headache. Inexperienced designers and careless production workers can all lead to an increase in the error rate. The subsequent product rework, delivery delays, apologies, and financial compensation are painful. sudden.

Compared with panel customization, the per capita production capacity of whole wood customization is terrible. Improving production efficiency and expanding production capacity are issues that every whole wood person who pursues is thinking.

All in all, the lead time, error rate, production efficiency and productivity improvement are the most basic problems that plague the whole wooden staff. As long as you turn these uncertainties into certainties, you can have your own one-acre three-quarters of land in the whole wood industry, and the ability to respond to market changes is a key element for the whole wood customization enterprise to become bigger and stronger.

Solve uncertainty and win the future

The uncertainty of delivery cycle, error rate, production efficiency and capacity improvement, and market changes has put pressure on the whole wood customization industry, but also gave the whole wood customization industry opportunities. How to turn uncertainty into an opportunity for success?

Data-driven, equipment empowerment, management assistance

Software brings changes in the underlying logic, but the introduction of software is not an easy road. First of all, the decision makers of the company need to make up their minds. Starting from the formation of the team, introducing new concepts and logic little by little, and constantly trial and error, this process is very painful, but this road is cleared and the benefits brought are very considerable. In addition, the software on the market is also in the process of continuous extension and development. No software dare to say that it has reached a complete state and needs to be constantly repaired and updated during use.

Now the market capacity of whole wood customization is increasing, the voice of the market, the number of participants, and market demand are all increasing. The equipment-driven changes in production efficiency and delivery cycle are also obvious to all. Woodworking equipment, painting equipment, sanding equipment, etc., new equipment emerges one after another, and equipment driving is an important link in solving the uncertainty of the delivery cycle.

Data-driven reduces the error rate, controllable production cycle, equipment empowerment brings increased production efficiency, and management assistance is also a link that cannot be ignored. The future of whole wood customization must be like panel customization, realizing the whole process management and reducing the uncertainty in the production process.

Actively embrace diversified market trends

The whole wood people must understand the change dialectically. On the one hand, we must understand that the future diversified changes are a normal state, and on the other hand, the whole wood is also an element in the change. Our products have clear labels, and our competitive fields have clear boundaries. It is difficult to complete transformation and cross-industry competition. We must be good at using our own advantages and combining new elements to improve our competitiveness.

The advantage of the whole wood person is the understanding of wood and wood processing technology, and the disadvantage of the whole wood person is the grasp of beauty and modern style. So can we make certain improvements to our materials, redefine the customization of solid wood, and cater to the changes in the market?

Now there is a kind of "new solid wood" customization on the market, which combines the relevant elements of log customization, solid wood composite customization and panel customization. There are both pure log customization and composite customization with veneer. Customization of paint-free board.

The gene of the new solid wood is still the log, the core board is solid wood puzzle, and the solid wood accounts for ≥85%. It does not leave the circle of wood, and it is still a familiar field for the whole wood. The thickness of the secondary sanding is high, the surface is flat, it can be pasted with veneer, and it can be used as a paint-free board to meet the needs of multiple functions. The new solid wood is an upgrade of traditional logs and has more application scenarios such as light luxury style. It is an innovation made by actively adapting to market changes.

Although the whole wood customization industry is still very difficult this year, it still has a bright future in the next five or ten years. We must continuously improve our corporate capabilities, whether it is production capacity or innovation capacity, in order to remain invincible at all times!